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Aigaleo – Thivon 353 (2nd floor), near Aigaleo Metro Station

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The operation of the Eutopian Library started with the initiative of Eutopia Publications (publications on libertarian municipalism) in 2007. Originally, it was housed in a space in the center of Karditsa until 2009.

Later, the operation of the Eutopian Library was suspended, without meaning that it did not continue to engage its members and friends with the collection and integration of relevant material to its potential.

From 2013 onwards, following a call from Eutopia to other people, he joined the Eutopian Workshop until the summer of 2017, when its operation was discontinued.

The Eutopian Library has hundreds of book titles, mainly in Greek, English and Italian, as well as a set of other material (brochures, notices, posters, etc.) that come from the printed event of libertarian / anarchist action and ecological or broader radical thinking, basically in Greece.

All of this material will continue to be accessible to the new location of the Eutopian Library, according to its regular schedule.

Of course, our main concern remains the increase in the material potential of the project, with the contribution and collaboration of all those who wish to contribute to this endeavor.

At this point, we would also like to thank all those who, over the course of a decade, have already contributed to expanding the potential of the Eutopian Library.

Responsible for the operation of the Eutopian Library is its management team.

Aigaleo – Thivon 353 (2nd floor), near Aigaleo Metro Station

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Eutopic Laboratory (Library-Archive-Digital Archive).

Eutopian Workshop

Τhe Eutopian Workshop is a space which was created for the promotion of eutopian theory and practice.

Eutopian theory is nothing more than those approaches which seek the good place, ie that social space in which the good life is developed for everyone and not for an elite. Eutopian practices, on the other hand, are nothing but the practical projects which formulate such good places. With the raw materials taken from the pages of both classical and modern libertarian thought as well as the history and experience of social struggles, we aspire to investigate problems that seek crucial and timely responses. In other words, we desire to find practical ways and useful ideas that will bring us closer to the multidimensional concept of liberation.

The attacks against societies today, in the name of a falsified prosperity, are always presented as the obvious road to « progress. » However, their results are becoming more evident, with the substitution of the « society of life » by the « market society », the alienation of people from the community, from the natural environment, from their own self as agent. The existing system of managing our lives has long proven to be a voracious monster that swallows everything : land, air, water, flesh bought and sold as long as there is profit, making the entire earth a huge El Dorado of violent exploitation.

Our response, during a difficult political and social conjuncture, is to advance our ideas through the adoption of those practices which we think fit them. To find ways to meet, to collaborate, to operate in accordance with the social values that have meaning for our lives, but also to realize them within the conditions in which we live and not while searching for a remote and ‘pure’ paradise. This is a basic expression of our opposition to the society of fear and racism, which they seek to impose, and simultaneously our opposition to the attempted annihilation of our ability to live because of our difficult economic situation. These are the maps upon which this project moves forward. Of course, any change in the social topography can not be done without the necessary daily march of social resistance and radical change. Besides, these are the marches with which we (will) intersect.

Library, archive and digitizing laboratory are key functions of the eutopian workshop. The workshop also houses the Eutopia journal and includes the participation of the group of libertarian communists. Our aim then is the formation of a space where the concept of the book and its publication has particular weight. Also, a significant pursuit is the organization of cultural activities and events with the goal of the investigation or the presentation of specific issues.

At the same time, the workshop is open to every person who desires to participate in the existing or possibly new activities. The management of the space is the responsibility of its managing assembly, which meets on a regular basis with its individual members. Questions concerning individual functions of the space or working groups are discussed in this assembly.

It is anticipated that this workshop will become a reference point for what we believe, what we envision, and above all for everything that we live and act on daily. We will not leave our life to chance, and definitely not in the hands of any “saviors.” We know the value of the “little things” that are taking place every day. These have, for years now, contributed decisively to the existence of a lively current of social resistance, which constitutes a fundamental reference point for resisters everywhere. The eutopian workshop is one more step in the direction of the eutopian social reconstruction...

The library contains books on a variety of subjects and perspectives. We can representatively mention anarchism and other currents of revolutionary thought (“early” socialism, marxism, council communism, workers
autonomy), the history of social struggles and movements, social ecology, etc. A main goal is also the collection and the availability of movement publications. We also aspire to become connected with movement libraries in Greece and abroad.

The archive has been created and it is constantly enriched primarily through the operation of the digitizing workshop. Its main subject matter is the collection and digitization of printed anarchist/libertarian materials but also from the broader currents of resistance within Greece. In addition to the digital archives there are also print archives. The only way to continue to enrich this archive is through the contribution of whoever and whatever group is interested in the fullest documentation possible of the struggles that take place today.

eutopian workshop
Leonidou 62 & Thermopilon, Kerameikos
PO box 3102, P.C. 10200, Athens